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favorite place ❤️ (at Iliad Bookshop)


favorite place ❤️ (at Iliad Bookshop)

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PEOPLE ARE SO CUTE WHEN THEY FIRST WAKE UP like it doesn’t matter if they’re cranky or disoriented or still half-asleep and their hair is a mess fuck it doesn’t even matter if they drooled in their sleep or have ink smudged on their face from something they wrote on their hand they are CUTE all those things are CUTE

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The news today honestly sent me into tears. This man has been such an inspiration to me. Talk about a comedy, improv, and true acting hero. I am thanking whatever Gods there are that I was alive at the same time as this amazing actor. I feel at such a loss. I can’t imagine what his close family and friends are feeling. This man will be in my thoughts forever. He’s been hands down the world’s best hero. Thank you, Robin Williams. Rest in peace.

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